Questions to ask when searching for a cloud hosting provider
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Questions To Ask When Searching For A Cloud Hosting Provider

Questions to ask when searching for a cloud hosting provider

The cloud is the latest technology for hosting. Many businesses and individuals are migrating to the cloud. The cloud has helped its users to cut costs on hosting. With the growing number of companies seeking cloud hosting, the number of providers has increased steadily. Listed are questions to ask when searching for a suitable cloud host.

Pricing structure

Be certain that you are only paying for what you use. That is why checking the pricing structure of the cloud hosting providers is essential. Beware of paying high initial costs. That is never the norm for cloud hosting users. The reputable hosts never impose higher prices on their clients. Ask the hosts about customizing the hosting and its price. Prefer an affordable host.

Type of cloud services

Before searching for the hosts, have a list of your cloud computing needs. After drafting the list, ask the hosts the type of cloud services they are offering. Some provide the software-based cloud offerings. This type is suitable for online document and video storage. Others offer the sales force which is referred to as CRM. Pick a provider offering what you need.

Security of the cloud

The data for your company is sensitive. It needs protection from hackers. Knowing more about the security of the cloud is important. That will hinder you from investing in a cloud that will cause loss of sensitive data. The provider should give details about the security of the managed dedicated server. Pick a server with more advanced security features.

Data center

Seek to know the location of the data center before acquiring the hosting services. Apart from knowing the location, consider their level of security. Some hosts use a spare room with minimal security measures. It is easy for such servers to be compromised. You cannot risk saving data in unsecure servers. Ask to see the data centers. They must be closer to your target audience and secure.

Customer support

What kinds of customer support services does the provider offer? Apparently, a majority of the people never ask this question until they have a problem that the host cannot attend to. That will culminate in dissatisfaction and frustration. Know the services cloud hosting providers can deliver before contracting them. Prefer the hosts that will be offering more support to their clients.


The hosts have a service level agreement with their clients after signing the contract. Apparently, some people never understand those agreements. Hence, they just handpick any host in the region. That is the greatest mistake that most people make. Know the provisions of the SLA especially after losing a document or data in the server. The host should explain the terms to you.

Changing needs

Every individual with a website hopes to attract more traffic. That makes it essential to find a host that is scalable. A managed dedicated server that is not scalable will limit the growth of your website. It will limit the number of people that can visit the webpage. Thus, you need an expert that is highly scalable.



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